Transportes Marítimos Graciosenses Lda

Transportation of Goods within the Central Group of the Azores


About TMG

Located in Praia da Vitória, the company Transportes Marítimos Graciosenses Lda (TMG) was founded in 1861 by João da Cunha Vasconcelos, born in the Graciosa island.

Initially we were focused on providing cargo and passenger sea transportation services. Currently we only provide cargo sea transportation services in the central group of the Azores.

We transport palletized, refrigerated and frozen cargoes, in compliance with all the required safety standards.

We package all cargoes in a careful way. We also provide freight and ship space hiring services.

TMG operates in the Terceira, Graciosa, Pico, Faial and São Jorge islands.

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Sea Freight
Cargo Sea Freight

We ensure the transportation of goods from/to any location within the Central Group of the Azores in a safe, fast and efficient way.


Business Hours


Monday to Friday

9.00H - 12.00H and 13.30H - 18.00H


9.00H - 12.00H

Sunday: Closed



We operate in the Central Group of the Archipelago of the Azores. We transport cargo to the islands using a palletisation process.


Our fleet is available to whoever needs it.


The schedule is subject to change without prior notice, as modifications and updates can be made at any time.